December 12, 2018

Data is more than a stupid Dashboard!

I apologize in advance for my tone, but I’m frustrated with the current state of the Data Dashboard!

I’m one of the top 3% UI/UX design specialist in the world - the world … that’s no typo. My gifts lie in the exciting realm of…… Data Dashboard/Visualization Strategy!

Way too often I come - I’m being nice - every minute of the day I come across a dashboard that looks like a damn coloring box (see the image above) - NO PRIORITIZATION, NO HIERARCHY, AND NO INTEGRATED/AUTOMATED WAY TO TAKE ACTION. I’m sick and tired of it!

I’ve worked with Data Analysts, Developers, and Product Managers and they know time is of the essence when it comes to ever-changing data. Allowing important data to just sit there is poisonous to your initiative and to any company that values the benefits associated with data gathering.

Let me make it even simpler to my fellow data visualization designers or anyone else who cares! YOU NEED A SPECIALIST to help you and your team make better use of your data - THAT’S IT.

User experience seeps deep into the foundation of data - I’m assuming people will eventually USE your data and do something, right?

Really quick, here’s 2 of the fastest ways to be placed on the fail blog for most useless data in the world.

  1. Your interface is too cluttered - that’s the quickest way for important data to be overlooked.
  2. There is no way for an analyst to take swift action - an export button is not enough.

Data Gods, I feel for these researchers and analysts. Is there a better way……?

If you’d like to discuss this in more detail shoot me a message on LinkedIn, if you’re a little more formal contact me at epicglimpse.com, or just stay tuned for more outbursts.

Signing off, Amy!

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