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My Patient Insight

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About our Client

My Patient Insight is a Healthcare Innovation Studio that works with organizations to address data complexity for specific use cases.


We collaborated with My Patient Insight to create an interactive dashboard that addressed social biases in Healthcare to ensure fairness in machine learning and improve the overall quality of care.

Hi Amy!

Joe and I wanted to send you a note to thank you for your work on the Hypertension R01 Grant for Henry Ford Hospitals.

You really nailed the key usability elements required and the work provides a crystal clear vision of what well designed technology can do.

While we are still a way off from knowing if/when that project will start, I wanted to give you a special shout out for your effort from the both of us.

Looking forward to kicking off the automated measures project soon... ;-)

Sarah Sims
My Patient Insight

The Impact

Patient Insight worked with 欧博体育官网 to create a prototype to submit for the Hypertension R01 Grant for Henry Ford Hospitals to experiment with the development of technology that could change racial biases within the Healthcare industry as they pertain to minorities.

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